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Elyse Sewell1039 viewsFor: Flair by Joc3 comments08/26/14 at 14:59antmcycles: <3
Elyse Sewell294 viewsFor: Yes Style1 comments05/18/13 at 15:18aspergersgirlKaty: love it
Elyse Sewell341 viewsFor: Yes Style1 comments09/09/12 at 19:38skelleton: this is not from the shoe
Elyse Sewell1028 viewsFor: Flair by Joc5 comments02/01/12 at 20:01IheartMybf: So Angelic Surprised
Elyse Sewell1149 viewsFor: Flair by Joc3 comments02/01/12 at 19:58IheartMybf: So amazing, cant stop staring at her eyes. And i l...
Elyse Sewell1466 viewsFor: Mae Von Makeup2 comments12/09/11 at 13:35LisaTheDiva: I love this photo.
Elyse Sewell693 viewsFor: Flair by Joc2 comments10/13/11 at 18:11justice: Ugly person
Elyse Sewell601 viewsFor: Flair by Joc2 comments10/13/11 at 18:10justice: Hate her - and the picture sucks
Elyse Sewell248 viewsFor: Yes Style1 comments08/07/11 at 23:23a3jin5oz15: bride dresses Q...
Elyse Sewell703 viewsFor: Cyber Colors Contacts2 comments08/01/11 at 19:48NikkySan: What's up with her eyes being made thinner an...
Elyse Sewell1507 viewsFor: VVA Vinavina11 comments07/24/11 at 06:00brokendoll93: This is jaw-dropping...absolutely marvelous!!!!!
Elyse Sewell1177 viewsFor: Azona AO21 comments05/31/11 at 06:47pizza_555_6: Wow ! This shot is her 1000th shot that post in al...
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