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Whitney Thompson583 viewsFor: Saks Fifth Avenue18 comments02/01/11 at 11:47alberthamidjr: big mama
Whitney Thompson532 viewsFor: Pure Energy/Target, Fall 20107 comments01/29/11 at 20:16mig: I see Katie Stevens from American Idol here. A lot...
Whitney Thompson813 viewsFor: Gypsy and Co.3 comments12/04/10 at 20:56sakuragurl: Hm... she slipped and is now looking to see if any...
Whitney Thompson405 viewsFor: Torrid2 comments11/12/10 at 21:47topmodelfan101: Torrid? Can you say horrid?
Whitney Thompson2343 viewsFor: Silhouettes10 comments11/08/10 at 14:08jurax: who wears such clothes??? 60+
Whitney Thompson4094 viewsFor: Eclectic Jewelry16 comments11/08/10 at 14:03jurax: trashy 80s
Whitney Thompson603 viewsFor: Faith 217 comments11/06/10 at 16:45sncanton: her face can be stunning love these shots
Whitney Thompson519 viewsFor: Faith 217 comments11/06/10 at 16:42sncanton: love it
Whitney Thompson529 viewsFor: Faith 216 comments11/03/10 at 18:36THEgivemecouture: Finally, a good photo!
Whitney Thompson941 viewsFor: Diana Warner Jewelry3 comments11/03/10 at 18:34THEgivemecouture: This was printed? Really? REALLY??!!
Whitney Thompson1792 viewsFor: Smile Stylists31 comments11/03/10 at 18:30THEgivemecouture: OMG why would they do this to (...)
Whitney Thompson2209 viewsFor: Silhouettes4 comments11/03/10 at 18:22THEgivemecouture: she looks 40
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