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Kim Stolz796 views1 comments07/26/10 at 12:45AntmILoveYou: ew
Kim Stolz717 views1 comments03/23/10 at 04:21AnnNavarroza: i love the dress..
Kim Stolz797 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries1 comments03/17/10 at 18:30GraceG: Shocked wow...can't believe this is kim!!!
Kim Stolz1298 viewsFor: Nordstrom's, November 20063 comments03/07/10 at 00:20TaylorMomsenLova: eyes! <3
Kim Stolz592 viewsFor: Chris Benz Collection, Fall/Winter 20071 comments02/05/10 at 20:00mkett: wow her legs are thin..
Kim Stolz1176 views4 comments01/13/10 at 00:53Nimelta: so gorgeous Razz
Kim Stolz1254 viewsFor: eLuxury.com1 comments12/31/09 at 17:30j5s2s095: Erm...
Kim Stolz1176 views4 comments12/13/09 at 23:21Zuraith: The fuck? It does look like a preshow picture. Jus...
Kim Stolz1176 views4 comments12/12/09 at 11:37KappaHattori: Lmao. It looks like a preshow pic.
Kim Stolz1176 views4 comments12/08/09 at 01:54boop82: Its interesting how femine looking she can play no...
Kim Stolz1191 viewsFor: eLuxury.com1 comments11/26/09 at 15:55dude02: this is quite amazing. love the pants, shes sellin...
Kim Stolz854 viewsFor: Chris Benz Collection, Fall/Winter 20075 comments10/27/09 at 08:24fairflanks: I thought models were supposed to sell even the ug...
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