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Kim Stolz856 viewsFor: Chris Benz Collection, Fall/Winter 20075 comments12/28/13 at 14:41Canadagirl1234: Burn that dress along with Sarah's innocence ...
Kim Stolz701 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries2 comments05/08/12 at 01:18dpbenson: @denno1414: Fixed
Kim Stolz701 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries2 comments05/07/12 at 22:08denno1414: I dont think this photo is from the show.....
Kim Stolz958 viewsFor: eLuxury.com1 comments01/22/12 at 13:3712shadesofpurple: Wait a minute, I've seen that dress...doesn&#...
Kim Stolz2124 viewsFor: Ruehl12 comments12/10/11 at 08:58strawberrybathfoam: AMAZING<3
Kim Stolz596 viewsFor: Chris Benz Collection, Fall/Winter 20071 comments10/16/11 at 21:22coletito: what a funny cap
Kim Stolz1068 viewsFor: Nordstrom's, November 20062 comments10/16/11 at 21:13coletito: OMG! Kim!! and your sweatshirt!!
Kim Stolz1298 viewsFor: Nordstrom's, November 20063 comments06/26/11 at 07:53voguehan: I thought it was Freja Beha when I saw this in thu...
Kim Stolz870 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries1 comments04/11/11 at 18:48possessn: If, like most of us, too much over indulgence has ...
Kim Stolz2124 viewsFor: Ruehl12 comments10/27/10 at 18:50sncanton: she looks great
Kim Stolz726 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries1 comments10/27/10 at 18:13sncanton: i wish she could rock a dress...even an ugly one
Kim Stolz697 viewsFor: Brooklyn Industries1 comments08/19/10 at 13:46tyman618: Edgy :3
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