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Jaslene Gonzalez1326 viewsPhoto: Eric Chow
For: Faces Malaysia, January 2010
15 comments10/25/10 at 16:56sncanton: love this picture doesnt look a bit drag...i love ...
Jaslene Gonzalez1035 viewsPhoto: Steve Koh
For: Style Magazine Malaysia
11 comments10/25/10 at 16:54sncanton: looks like someone farted and shes trying not to s...
Jaslene Gonzalez819 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
12 comments10/25/10 at 16:53sncanton: i love this pic looks nothing like her
Jaslene Gonzalez743 viewsPhoto: Alex Covo
For: Fantastics Magazine
5 comments10/25/10 at 16:49sncanton: she has gotten so many covers....its rediculous
Jaslene Gonzalez683 viewsFor: InTrend Magazine10 comments10/25/10 at 16:48sncanton: i think she looks like she has bad skinand right o...
Jaslene Gonzalez998 viewsPhoto: Erica Dufour
For: Time Out Chicago, April 10-16, 2008
7 comments10/25/10 at 16:37sncanton: its interesting
Jaslene Gonzalez1490 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: Colures
12 comments10/25/10 at 16:36sncanton: face is scarey but in a good way
Jaslene Gonzalez1907 viewsFor: Imagen, September 20089 comments10/25/10 at 16:33sncanton: she look pretty good
Jaslene Gonzalez1223 viewsPhoto: Jamie Nelson
For: Jamrock
2 comments10/25/10 at 16:30sncanton: she has a great body
Jaslene Gonzalez1487 viewsFor: American Salon9 comments10/25/10 at 16:23sncanton: she just doesnt look pretty here and kinda old
Jaslene Gonzalez902 viewsPhoto: Josh DeHonney
For: Urban Latino, Issue 80
1 comments10/25/10 at 16:21sncanton: cute
Jaslene Gonzalez1474 viewsFor: ZooZoom, March 2008
Photo: Brian Edwards
4 comments10/25/10 at 16:18sncanton: it looks like the dead photo the did
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