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Jaslene Gonzalez280 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: VÍVE Magazine
1 comments10/17/15 at 13:09jericho: The winner and still the champion.
Jaslene Gonzalez211 viewsPhoto: Jaime G Rivera
For: Caras Puerto Rico, September 2014
1 comments03/01/15 at 01:03ineedamodelchick: i love when she does multiples
Jaslene Gonzalez176 viewsPhoto: Yann Feron
For: Girlys Magazine, Winter 2014
1 comments03/01/15 at 01:02ineedamodelchick: Yet another cover for Ms Jaslene.
Jaslene Gonzalez181 viewsPhoto: T. Harrison Hillman
For: Two Much Style
1 comments01/13/15 at 13:56atothet: hot
Jaslene Gonzalez1307 viewsPhoto: Harry Fellows
For: Bleu
7 comments08/26/14 at 08:45aspergersgirlKaty: Love the hair
Jaslene Gonzalez1050 viewsPhoto: Rudi Weistein
For: 6 Degrees, December 2007
3 comments08/26/14 at 08:42aspergersgirlKaty: Very nice
Jaslene Gonzalez257 viewsPhoto: Fabiola Zamora
For: 192 Magazine, Issue 20
1 comments01/15/14 at 10:23D.: ... Her tits!! they're hilarious in this shot...
Jaslene Gonzalez854 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
11 comments12/22/13 at 13:02Canadagirl1234: It's okay Rolling Eyes
Jaslene Gonzalez785 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
6 comments12/22/13 at 13:01Canadagirl1234: My reaction to her winning Confused
Jaslene Gonzalez825 viewsPhoto: Leon
For: Eh! Magazine
12 comments12/22/13 at 13:00Canadagirl1234: that doesn't even look a little bit like her!...
Jaslene Gonzalez541 viewsPhoto: Puranjoy Gupta
For: New Woman Magazine, May 2012
1 comments11/25/13 at 01:17Canadagirl1234: Looks like she just farted... Embarrassed
Jaslene Gonzalez293 viewsPhoto: Franklin Thompson
For: glass-book Magazine, Issue Four
1 comments03/27/13 at 19:13ineedamodelchick: another cover!
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