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Chantal Jones135 viewsFor: Rent the Runway 2013 Holday Catalog1 comments10/24/13 at 03:22puppetmasters21: Definitely a face that appeals to both guys and gi...
Chantal Jones154 viewsFor: Rent the Runway 2013 Holday Catalog1 comments10/24/13 at 03:14puppetmasters21: I love that she's still working! Few models f...
Chantal Jones94 viewsFor: Ideeli | bcbgeneration1 comments09/02/13 at 23:18tflats: She looks so young!
Chantal Jones262 viewsFor: Rent the Runway1 comments12/23/12 at 00:42jericho: Good for her still getting work.
Chantal Jones163 viewsPhoto: Alessandro Volpi
For: Briden Formal 2011 Collection
1 comments11/27/12 at 21:23iLoveKatarzyna: she looks beautiful! i don't love that weddin...
Chantal Jones233 viewsFor: Rent the Runway1 comments06/08/12 at 06:56maximiwax: this one's the best of these 4 ... but i have...
Chantal Jones153 viewsFor: Rent the Runway1 comments04/17/12 at 01:33tflats: Her body is gorgeous.
Chantal Jones267 viewsPhoto: Enrique Covarrubias
For: Liverpool Fashion Festival
1 comments04/16/12 at 20:55lukas-lohan: this is quite good!
Chantal Jones1708 viewsFor: KMS California5 comments12/07/11 at 01:40tflats: Doesn't look like her.
Chantal Jones775 viewsFor: C&A Mexico4 comments10/26/11 at 23:57kuroyuki: ^LOL right. it's in pesos. it's not comp...
Chantal Jones2985 viewsFor: KMS California20 comments03/19/11 at 03:06puppetmasters21: Chantal and Natasha/Cate Blanchette?
Chantal Jones2481 viewsFor: Farmers10 comments01/25/11 at 18:08tekilla: oh myyyy =O
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