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Anslee Payne-Franklin4649 views72 comments09/18/15 at 19:36chris: I love this shot! Easily better than Alex & Angele...
Anslee Payne-Franklin4649 views72 comments01/03/14 at 20:53Canadagirl1234: I like this photo, but I'm glad Alex & Angele...
Anslee Payne-Franklin 4880 viewsPhoto: Cade Martin71 comments01/13/13 at 10:19RunFiercely: This is actually really high fashion. This could e...
Anslee Payne-Franklin4649 views72 comments07/19/12 at 22:53BryanJanDavis: *dani* Mariyoneht
Anslee Payne-Franklin4784 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz75 comments07/19/12 at 22:53BryanJanDavis: kinda like that one crazy art teacher we all had i...
Anslee Payne-Franklin5022 viewsPhoto: D-nice59 comments07/19/12 at 22:51BryanJanDavis: Its oddly kinda cool.
Anslee Payne-Franklin 4880 viewsPhoto: Cade Martin71 comments07/19/12 at 22:50BryanJanDavis: I actually forgot this picture even existed.
Anslee Payne-Franklin 6967 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards112 comments07/19/12 at 22:50BryanJanDavis: This shot is so oddly tense.
Anslee Payne-Franklin 6599 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion84 comments07/19/12 at 22:49BryanJanDavis: Lockjaw
Anslee Payne-Franklin 6527 views134 comments07/19/12 at 22:48BryanJanDavis: whoa tummeh.
Anslee Payne-Franklin4594 viewsPhoto: Sarah Silver62 comments07/19/12 at 22:47BryanJanDavis: I think the expression is stunning but Anslee over...
Anslee Payne-Franklin5022 viewsPhoto: D-nice59 comments03/02/12 at 04:06Selumt0: It looks like she's been doing something all ...
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