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Kimberly Rydzewski114 viewsFor: Calico1 comments06/08/10 at 15:14: Stunning
Kimberly Rydzewski120 viewsFor: Calico1 comments06/08/10 at 15:13: That face
Kimberly Rydzewski142 viewsFor: Calico1 comments06/08/10 at 14:53: Hot
Kimberly Rydzewski110 viewsFor: Calico1 comments05/31/10 at 16:25: Love it
Kimberly Rydzewski148 viewsFor: Calico1 comments05/31/10 at 16:24: Nice
Kimberly Rydzewski57 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments05/31/10 at 16:07: Hot
Kimberly Rydzewski135 viewsFor: 23 Vintage3 comments05/31/10 at 15:57: Cute Smile
Kimberly Rydzewski249 viewsFor: Calico1 comments05/30/10 at 15:45: I adore this
Kimberly Rydzewski244 viewsFor: Calico1 comments05/30/10 at 15:45: Hot
Kimberly Rydzewski160 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments05/29/10 at 10:39aspergersgirlKaty: pretty Kimberly
Kimberly Rydzewski140 viewsFor: Calico2 comments05/27/10 at 12:00: ^Shiek lol.
Kimberly Rydzewski109 viewsFor: Calico1 comments05/27/10 at 11:59: Cute Smile
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