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Kimberly Rydzewski250 viewsFor: 23 Vintage3 comments08/01/10 at 11:01CookieKillerable: I actually really like this photo. Very Happy
Kimberly Rydzewski176 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments08/01/10 at 11:00CookieKillerable: AMAZING shirt! She couldve worked it more.
Kimberly Rydzewski918 viewsPhoto: Conor Doherty
For: Maya Luz Fashism
13 comments07/31/10 at 14:12SassyLilYui: I'm in love with this pic
Kimberly Rydzewski3505 views For: 23 Vintage48 comments07/30/10 at 12:46casper2708: its so ironic that the girl that quit has soooooo ...
Kimberly Rydzewski276 viewsFor: Calico3 comments07/29/10 at 20:50RossVanDerH: crappy
Kimberly Rydzewski87 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments07/09/10 at 13:48LisaTheDiva: Nice hat.
Kimberly Rydzewski108 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments07/03/10 at 20:07sncanton: good she has alot of work even if it is sorda bori...
Kimberly Rydzewski350 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments07/02/10 at 18:08DreamWarrior808: NICE!
Kimberly Rydzewski127 viewsFor: Calico1 comments06/28/10 at 17:37MOBROOKS: I always thought this girl was pretty. she could&#...
Kimberly Rydzewski3505 views For: 23 Vintage48 comments06/21/10 at 10:52imjustspo: See this is why I get pissed. She's like, I d...
Kimberly Rydzewski66 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments06/08/10 at 21:41: Gorgeous!
Kimberly Rydzewski115 viewsFor: Calico2 comments06/08/10 at 15:15: Hot
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