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Kimberly Rydzewski84 viewsFor: 23 Vintage2 comments08/28/10 at 13:19aspergersgirlKaty: Really Pretty
Kimberly Rydzewski422 viewsFor: 23 Vintage3 comments08/27/10 at 23:02lluvy143: yeah. she really looks like christina ricci..
Kimberly Rydzewski634 viewsFor: Thrifted3 comments08/27/10 at 19:40CookieKillerable: A bit scary to me Shocked
Kimberly Rydzewski116 viewsFor: Calico2 comments08/21/10 at 17:13: I love this
Kimberly Rydzewski72 viewsFor: Calico1 comments08/15/10 at 12:12: Cute
Kimberly Rydzewski86 viewsFor: Calico1 comments08/12/10 at 13:03shyho: she looks 5"13
Kimberly Rydzewski78 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments08/11/10 at 20:29: Gorgeous
Kimberly Rydzewski68 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments08/11/10 at 20:05: Adorable
Kimberly Rydzewski118 viewsFor: 23 Vintage2 comments08/11/10 at 20:02: Gorge
Kimberly Rydzewski177 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments08/09/10 at 16:37Milly: She has a really smushed face I think, and she nee...
Kimberly Rydzewski150 viewsFor: 23 Vintage1 comments08/02/10 at 12:46: Beautiful
Kimberly Rydzewski61 viewsFor: 23 Vintage2 comments08/01/10 at 11:12CookieKillerable: I love how cute and innocent she looks! Very Happy
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