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Nnenna Agba1202 viewsPhoto: Francois Kalife11 comments10/15/11 at 12:10UpperEastBitch: This Shot is COUTURE! Why Peeps dont like it? o_o
Nnenna Agba964 viewsApplause Africa, Winter 20111 comments12/12/10 at 11:18Nabil: I LIKE it!!Always LOVEd her!!! Cool Razz
Nnenna Agba1076 viewsFor: Arise Magazine3 comments10/27/10 at 12:01sncanton: love those leggs
Nnenna Agba1066 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: Jewel Magazine
3 comments10/27/10 at 11:55sncanton: very pretty
Nnenna Agba930 viewsFor: Arise Magazine6 comments09/24/10 at 18:17: It reminds me a bit of Ambreal's Re-cycling p...
Nnenna Agba1330 viewsFor: True Love, November 20078 comments09/22/10 at 18:41: There really is nothing modelesque about her.
Nnenna Agba676 viewsFor: Advantage Magazine2 comments09/08/10 at 23:16: They are all really bad, she still needs a lot of ...
Nnenna Agba627 viewsPhoto: Philippe Kerlo
For: Blush Magazine
1 comments08/04/10 at 22:21Dubbad2: the part underwater is unattractive
Nnenna Agba1499 viewsPhoto: Simon Songhurst
For: Time Out London, Issue #1939 (October 17, 2007)
11 comments07/05/10 at 21:17D.: This is so strong and provocative. It is quite po...
Nnenna Agba1066 viewsPhoto: Ron Contarsy
For: Jewel Magazine
3 comments04/28/10 at 19:58JUSTINGYM8: really beautiful
Nnenna Agba761 viewsPhoto: Christopher Kolk
For: Essence Magazine
2 comments04/27/10 at 23:49puppetmasters21: Commercial, catalogue, and high fashion. Like them...
Nnenna Agba770 viewsFor: Rose Buzz Magazine1 comments04/27/10 at 10:31greenlantern: very african
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