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Joined Oct 25, 2008
Location San Diego, CA
Interests ANTM
Favourite contestants cycle 1- Shannon
cycle 2- Yoanna. Shandi, and April
cycle 3. AMANDA<333, NORELLE<333, NICOLE<333, Cassie, Kristi, Leah
Cycle 4- Naima, KAHLEN<333, Christina, Michelle <333, TATIANA<333, Rebecca, Sarah
cycle 5- Nicole, Nik, Bre, Jayla, Kyle, Coryn
cycle 6- Danielle, Joanie, SARA<333, Furonda, Brooke, Leslie, Mollie Sue, KARI<333
Cycle 7- CariDee, Eugena, Amanda, Michelle, Jaeda, Brooke, AJ, Megg
Cycle 8- Jaslene, Natasha, Renee, Dionne Brittany, Whitney
Cycle 9- Saleisha, Chantal, Heather, Sarah, Victoria
Cycle 10- Whitney, Anya, Fatima, KATARZYNA<333, LAUREN<333, Stacy Ann, Clair, AIMEE, Amis, Kimberly
cycle 11- MCKEY<333! Hannah, Isis, LAUREN BRIE<333, Marjorie, ANALEIGH<333, Joslyn, Sheena, Samantha
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02/21/10 at 01:34Don't wanna attend that.