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Interests I'm a photographer and retoucher
Favourite contestants LOVE:

(C1) Elyse Sewell
(C2) April Wilkner
(C3) Nicole Borud
(C4) Michelle Deighton - Brittany Brower - Christina Murphy
(C5) Lisa D'Amato - Bre Scullark
(C6) Joanie Dodds - Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi - Danielle Evans
(C7) Michelle & Amanda Babin
(C8) Brittany Hatch - Sarah Von
(C9) Jenah Doucette - Lisa Jackson - Heather Kuzmich
(C10) Lauren Utter - Claire Unabia - Katarzyna Dolinska
(C11) McKey Sullivan - Lauren Brie Harding - Sheena Sakai
(C12) <3Celia Ammerman<3 - Allison Harvard - Natalie Pack - Sandra Nyanchoka
(C13) Brittany Markert - Erin Wagner - Laura Kirkpatrick
(C14) Krista White - Naduah Rugely - Simone Lewis
(C15) Chelsey Hersley - Kendal Brown - Ann Ward
(C16) Mikaela Schipani - Jaclyn Poole - Molly O'Connell


(C1) Robin Manning, Shannon Stewart
(C2) Jenascia Chakos, Anna Bradfield
(C3) Cassie Grisham, Yaya Da Costa Johnson
(C4) Tiffany Richardson
(C5) Coryn Woitel
(C6) Wendy Wiltz, Gina Choe, Jade Cole, Nnenna Agba, Kathy Hoxit
(C7) Monique Calhoun, Anchal Joseph
(C8) Renee Alway, Dionne Walters
(C9) Saleisha Stowers
(C10) Dominique Reighard, Fatima Siad
(C11) Nikeysha Clarke, Clark Gilmer, ShaRaun Brown
(C12) Tahlia Brookins
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04/18/12 at 04:39This has a wow factor to me, she looks like a star here.