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Username anthonyboii :]
Status active
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Location Some where over the rainbow TX <3
Interests Stuffs :)
Favourite contestants (C01) Adrianne, Shannon, Kesse
(C02) Mercedes, Shandi, Sara
(C03) Norelle, Toccarra
(C04) Khalen, lluvy
(C05) Nik
(C06) Danielle, Brooke<3,
(C07) Amanda, Anchal, Brooke
(C08) Jaslene, Dionne, Samantha, Felica
(C09) Heather<3, Chantal, Sarah
(C10) Anya, Katarzyna, Aimiee,
(C11) Analiegh<3, Hannah, isis, Marjorie, Sheena
(C12) Allison<33, Fo, London
(C13) Nicole<3 Laura<3 Rea
(C14) Angelea,Jessica,Alexandria
(C15) Jane<33,Ann,Esther
(C16) Molly,Mikeala,Monique
(C18) Sofie.Kyle
(C19) Nastasia,Leila,Brittany
(C20) Cory
(C21) Will
(C22) NYLE<333
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09/20/16 at 18:36damn talk about butter face