Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Interests Top Model, obviously! Other TV shows I love include Weeds, Six Feet Under, Top Chef, Angel, Arrested Development, The Venture Bros. and Grosse Pointe.
Favourite contestants America's Next Top Model:
Cycle 1 - Elyse, Giselle, Adrianne. In that order.
Cycle 2 - April, Shandi, Yoanna, Jenascia. In that order.
Cycle 3 - Nicole, Toccara, Yaya, Amanda.
Cycle 4 - Christina, Michelle, Kahlen, Brittany.
Cycle 5 - Nik, Lisa, Coryn.
Cycle 6 - Joanie, Mollie Sue, Leslie, Danielle, Nnenna.
Cycle 7 - AJ, Michelle, Anchal, Melrose.
Cycle 8 - Brittany, Felicia, Renee, Jael.
Cycle 9 - Sarah, Jenah, Heather, Lisa, Ebony.
Cycle 10 - Aimee, Katarzyna, Lauren, Claire.

AND NOW... contestants that should never have made it overseas.
Cycle 3 - Ann, Norelle. Possibly Eva.
Cycle 4 - Keenyah.
Cycle 5 - Bre, Jayla.
Cycle 6 - Jade, lightbulb-head aka Furonda.
Cycle 7 - Jaeda.
Cycle 8 - Jaslene. Urgh.
Cycle 9 - Saleisha, Bianca.
Cycle 10 - Whitney, Fatima.
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03/21/12 at 05:17I think this is one of the worst pictures of the cycle. Buck teeth, hook nose, tiny arm, broken ankle, body is all out of proportion... just really, really bad. And Anya's a gorgeous girl, so for her to pull out something this unflattering is quite an achievement.