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Interests singing, bellydancing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, art, cooking, paranormal, history, mythology, themes, nature, Wicca
Favourite contestants MY TOP 3
(aesthetically and personality in order)
Cycle 1
Adrianne Curry
Elyse Sewell
Nicole Panattoni
Cycle 2
Shandi Sullivan
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Yoanna House
Cycle 3
Amanda Swafford
Yaya da Costa
Norelle Van Herk
Cycle 4
Brittany Brower
Kahlen Rondot
Naima Mora
Cycle 5
Nik Pace
Nicole Linkletter
Coryn Woytelli
Cycle 6
Joanie Dodds
Kari Schmidt
Danielle Evans
Cycle 7
Michelle Babin
Caridee English
AJ Stewart
Cycle 8
Natasha Galkina
Jaslene Gonzalez
Brittany Hatch
Cycle 9
Jenah Doucette
Heather Kuzmich
Chantal Jones
Cycle 10
Anya Kop
Whitney Thompson
Kataryzna Dolinska
Cycle 11
Analeigh Tipton
Elina Ivanova
McKey Sullivan

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04/06/12 at 05:34I was really turned off by her at her elimination. I get the issues with Kyle not being sure about being there, but trying to throw Kyle under the bus as an excuse didn't change the fact that she was continually not getting it together. Just because of someone else's drama it shouldn't have meant a free pass to her and to even think that it automatically should was a lil ridiculous. I think she's very pretty and has potential but she just didn't know what to do with it.