Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Interests Complaining, sarcasm and myspace modeling.
Favourite contestants Cycle 1. Tessa, Shannon, Elyse, Adrianne.
Cycle 2. Catie, Sarah, April.
Cycle 3. Magdelana, Jennipher.
Cycle 4. Noelle, Rebecca, Christina, Brittany, Naima.
Cycle 5. Ashley, Jayla, Nik.
Cycle 6. Kathy, Lesli, Brook, Nenna, Danielle.
Cycle 7. Christian, Amanda, Eugena.
Cycle 8. Kathleen, Brittany, Dionne, Renee, Natasha.
cycle 9. Mila, Victoria, Heather, Chantal.
Cycle 10. Kimberly, Claire, Stacy ann, Katarzyna, Anya.
Cycle 11. Nikeysha, Lauren Brie, Joslyn, Sam, Analeigh.
Cycle 12. Isabella, Jessica, Nijah, Natalie, Allison, Teyona.
Cycle 13. Lisa, Rae, Brittany, Jennifer, Erin, Nicole.
Cycle 14. Alexandra, Anslee, Jessica, Raina, Simone.
Cycle 15. Jane, Kendal, Chelsey.
Cycle 16. Molly, Nicole, Dalya, Brittani.
Cycle 17. Allison, Shannon, Laura, Kayla, Sheena.
Cycle 18. Sophie, Eboni, Alisha, Analiese, Kyle.
Cycle 19. Leila.
Cycle 20. Jordan, Nina, Chris H.
Cycle 21. Matthew, Chantelle, Keith, Lenox, Mirjana.
Cycle 22. Nyle, Mikey, Stefano.
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05/06/13 at 15:46Shouldn't this be in printwork?