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Interests Photography, Art, Fashion, Drama! hockey
Favourite contestants Cycle 5: Kim,Nik
Cycle 6: Joanie, Dani, Leslie, Mollie sue, Jade
Cycle 7: Melrose,CariDee,Michelle
Cycle 8: Renee, Dionee
cycle 9: saleisha,jenah.
Cycle10: Anya,Fatima,katargina,whitney,.
Cycle 11: Mkey samantha, analeigh, majorie,
Cycle12: teyona, allison, London,celia
Cycle 13: Nichole,laura,sundai,jen,britanny
Cycle 14: .... none....
Cycle 15: Ann,Rianna,Chris,Jane
Cycle16: britanny,Kasia

Renee Alway is the best. fact.
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05/25/12 at 12:46Wish she had done a covergirl. stunning.