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Joined Dec 16, 2010
Location New Zealand
Interests Drama, Acting, Anything fun!
Favourite contestants Cycle 3: Toccara
Cycle 4: Naima
Cycle 5: Nicole, Kim.
Cycle 6: Mollie-Sue.
Cycle 7: Caridee, Babin Twins.
Cycle 8: Jaslene.
Cycle 9: Heather, Jenah, Chantal.
Cycle 10: Dominique, Anya, Katarzyna, Lauren, Kimberly, Amis.
Cycle 11: Elina, Analeigh, Hannah, Isis, Lauren-Brie, Marjorie.
Cycle 12: Allison, Celia, Isabella.
Cycle 13: Nicole, Brittany, Sundai, Laura, Jennifer, Ashley, Rachel, Rae, Amber(why did you quit? *tears)
Cycle 14: Raina, Jessica, Simone, Angelea, Naduah, Ren, Tatianna, Brenda.
Cycle 15: Ann, Kayla, Esther, Chris, Jane.
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09/25/12 at 05:54WOW! WOW! WOW!