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Favourite contestants I tried to narrow it down to one for each cycle.

Cycle 1: Elyse
Cycle 2: Mercedes
Cycle 3: Toccarra
Cycle 4: Naima
Cycle 5: Kim
Cycle 6: Danielle
Cycle 7: Michelle
Cycle 8: (the cycle was ok, but I just didn't like anyone's personality)
Cycle 9: Heather
Cycle 10: Anya
Cycle 11: Mckey
Cycle 12: Allison
Cycle 13: Nicole
Cycle 14: Simonne
Cycle 15: Deciding
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02/16/11 at 21:44The point of the photoshoot had been to sell one item and make it fashion; that's why they had the girls pose nude. I love this shot since she's selling the shoes and I could see this in an add. And her hand sticking out, I like it...I don't know why others are hating on it Confused