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Favourite contestants 01: Adrianne, Elyse, Shannon
02: Yoanna, Shandi, April
03: Amanda, Toccara, Norelle
04: Kahlen, Michelle, Tatiana
05: Kim, Nik, Coryn
06: Joanie, Gina, Mollie Sue
07: Caridee, Michelle, Amanda
08: Natasha, Brittany, Whitney
09: Heather, Sarah, Mila
10: Lauren, Katarzyna, Whitney
11: McKey, Isis, Joselyn
12: Fo, Allison, London
13: Jennifer, Brittany, Laura
14: Ren, Jessica, Raina
15: Chelsey, Ann, Sara
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10/09/14 at 21:50I KNEW I SAW RAVEN!!!!! Im watching Cycle on Hulu right now and I spotted him when the guys were initially walking in!!!!