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Favourite contestants Cycle One:

BEST: Robin, Giselle and Nicole
WORST: Elyse and Kesse

<I Have Yet To Watch Cycle Two>

Cycle Three:

BEST: Toccara and Amanda
WORST: Kelle, Norelle, Ann and Eva

Cycle Four:

BEST: Keenyah, Rebbecca, Michelle, Christina, Brittany and Tiffany
WORST: Kahlen, Naima, Brandy and Tatiana

Cycle Five:

BEST: Diane, Coryn and Lisa
WORST: Jayla, Nicole, Kim, Bre and Sarah

Cycle Six:

BEST: Gina, Jade, Brooke, Kathy, Furonda and Leslie
WORST: Mollie Sue, Nnena and Sara

Cycle Seven:

BEST: Anchal, Eugena, Monique and Melrose
WORST: A.J., Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Brooke, Megan and Megg

Cycle Eight:

BEST: Dionne, Whitney, Diana, Felicia
WORST: Jael, Natasha and Sarah

Cycle Nine:

BEST: Heather, Mila, Ebony, Bianca, Ambreal and Jenah
WORST: Chantal and Saleisha

Cycle Ten:

BEST: Dominique, Allison, Amis, Stacy-Ann and Anya
WORST: Aimee, Claire, Katarzyna, Marvita, Whitney and Kimberly

Cycle Eleven:

BEST: Joslyn, Sheena, Brittany and Clark
WORST: Hannah, Mckey, Samantha, Marjorie and Elina

Cycle Twelve:

BEST: Celia and Nijah
WORST: Aminat, Teyona, Fo, Allison, Tahlia, Sandra, Isabella, Kortnie, Natalie and London

Cycle Thirteen:

BEST: Kara, Nicole and Brittany
WORST: Laura, Erin and Sundai

Cycle Fourteen:

BEST: Angelea, Naduah and Anslee
WORST: Alasia, Alexandra, Brenda, Jessica, Krista, Raina, Ren, Simone and Tatianna

Cycle Fifteen:

BEST: Kacey, Sara, Rhianna, Chris, Jane, Chelsey and Kendal
WORST: Ann, Terra, Kayla, Lexie and Liz

Cycle Sixteen:

BEST: Monique, Mikaela, Hannah and Alexandria
WORST: Brittani, Molly, Kasia, Dalya and Sara

Cycle Seventeen:

BEST: Brittany, Sheena, Camille, Bre, Kayla, Bianca, Shannon and Dominique
WORST: Alexandria, Isis, Laura, Angelea (sorry not this cycle), Allison and Lisa

Cycle Eighteen:

BEST: Jasmia, Louise (before makeover), Ashley, Seymone, Alisha and Annalise
WORST: Mariah, AzMarie, Kyle, Eboni, Laura and Sophie.
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06/24/12 at 15:54Dominique is stunning.