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Favourite contestants Cycle 1: Elyse, Adrianne
Cycle 2: Shandi, Yohanna
Cycle 3: Eva, Amanda, Ann, Yaya, Nicole, Norelle, Tocarra (Favorite cycle)
Cycle 4: Naima, Kahlen, Brittany
Cycle 5: Nicole, Coryn, Kim
Cycle 6: Brooke, Dani, Joanie, Mollie Sue
Cycle 7: AJ, Amanda, Michelle, Melrose
Cycle 8: Dionne, Brittany, Jael, Jaslene, Renee
Cycle 9: Chantal, Jenah, Bianca, Heather, Lisa
Cycle 10: Katarzyna, Fatima, Lauren, Marvita
Cycle 11: Elina, McKey
Cycle 12: Allison, Celia
Cycle 13: Nicole
Cycle 14: Simone, Gabrielle, Ren
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09/26/11 at 22:39Because of all the other shots of her looking so much like a boy... I feel like in this shot I'm looking at a boy in drag