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Joined Jan 27, 2010
Location germany
Interests antm (!), bleach :D
Favourite contestants c1 - elyse, adrianne, tessa
c2 - mercedes, april, sara
c3 - eva, ann, norelle
c4 - kahlen, christina, lluvy
c5 - kim, nik, bre
c6 - jade, nnenna, kari
c7 - anchal, a.j., michelle
c8 - renee, natasha, jael
c9 - lisa, chantal, janet
c10 - katarzyna, anya, fatima
c11 -
c12 -
c13 -
c14 -
c15 - chelsey, liz, jane
c16 - brittani, alexandria, hannah
c17 -
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03/03/11 at 09:41i love the mouth but i hate the front shoulder