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Joined Jan 19, 2010
Location Sur,Oman
Interests Fashion,Watching ANTM,RPDR
Favourite contestants Cycle 1:Elysse,Kesse,Shannon,Adrianne
Cycle 2:Yoanna,Camille,Mercedes,Shandi,April
Cycle 3:Eva,Yaya,Toccara,Amanda
Cycle 4:Naima,Kahlen,Keenyah,Britany
Cycle 5:Nik,Bre,Lisa
Cycle 6:Joanie,Nenna,Furonda,Danielle
Cycle 7:Amanda,Caridee,Eugena,Melrose,A.J
Cycle 8:Jael,Jaslene,Natasha,Brittany,Dionne
Cycle 11:Marjorie,Mckey,Isis,Sheena
Cycle 12:Teyona,Aminat,Allison,Celia
Cycle 13:Jennifer,Rae,Sundai,Erin,Bianca
Cycle 14:Krista,Angelea,Raina,Alexandra
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09/12/12 at 22:20I love her but not this shot! Embarrassed