Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Favourite contestants INNER BEAUTY >>> outer beauty. (No contest!)

I admire some of the ANTM women especially for their sheer focus and determination. These include Jade (C6), Lisa (C5), and April (C2).

Others I like because they took some lovely photographs. Nicole (C13), Jenah (C9), Marjorie (C11), and Ebony (C9), are just a few.

But my "favorites" are usually people who aren't just photogenic, but who also demonstrate character; they're people I can relate to. The opinions I express at one moment are passing and fading, and so are everyone else's. For that reason, I try not to take what anyone writes here too seriously. Peoples' opinions of folks can change over time.

All around, my favorites include: Anya (C10), Heather (C9), Joanie (C6), Yaya (C3), Nik (C5), Nicole (C13), Jade, Danielle (C6), Coryn, and lots of others. But please don't get it twisted :) -- there's a type of beauty that a photograph cannot fully capture. Try to see that kind of beauty.
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04/29/15 at 13:18I never realized this before, but Kortnie is kinda to do die for in this shot! Shocked I hate how some of the girls looked so much better in their competitors’ shots than in their own.