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Joined Nov 07, 2008
Location Michigan
Interests Fashion Design, Merchandising, Illustrating, and Modeling
Favourite contestants JENAH DOUCETTE!!!!!!
Elyse Sewell
Anya Kop
Dominique Reighard
Fatima Siad
Katarzyna Dolinska
Aimee Wright
Jaslene Gonzalez
Amanda Babin
Melrose Bickerstaff
Danielle Evans
Jade Cole
Leslie Mancia
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi
Lisa D'Amato
Nicole Linkletter
Brittany Brower
Lluvy Gomez
Tiffany Richardson
Ann Markley
Nicole Borud
Norelle Van Herk
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Shandi Sullivan
Yoanna House
Analeigh Tipton
Lauren Brie Harding
Marjorie Conrad
McKey Sullivan
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04/29/10 at 14:17Um...okay? Rolling Eyes