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Shannon Stewart
Photo: Anthony Zuiker

Shannon Stewart

Photo: Anthony Zuiker

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anthonyboii :]   [Oct 07, 2011 at 01:47 AM]
Love this! She fits express pretty good since she's so commercial I can actually see this as an ad she sold the whole outfit!
Bellhop36   [Oct 07, 2011 at 12:48 PM]
I really think this picture was overrated by the judges, just like all of her pictures
Morocco 16 & Elina lo   [Oct 07, 2011 at 01:56 PM]
^overrated or underrated you mean?
Tangled349   [Oct 07, 2011 at 03:46 PM]
She really is a whole package and has not lost it one bit since the first season. She always delivers.
Selumt0   [Oct 07, 2011 at 04:23 PM]
This photo is fucking HORRIBLE! Her smile is fake, and the guy looks like a milf. Her teeth are photoshopped, she has wrinkles for age 27?. I would totally stop at this in a magazine and laugh the crap out of myself and laugh how horrible this shot is. It's so over-rated and blah deserving a 1/5 I'm not here to look for fights, it's a matter of a opinion.
justkerr   [Oct 07, 2011 at 05:13 PM]
i absolutely love this picture, she looks so young!
sionmaisley   [Oct 08, 2011 at 12:56 AM]
this is so fresh i love it!!!
Aufa   [Oct 09, 2011 at 04:09 AM]
This is the picture that perfectly fit Express, I love her smile here despite the really annoying mouth wrinkle in the close-up
Quiet_123   [Oct 09, 2011 at 08:37 AM]
NamMurga   [Oct 09, 2011 at 02:28 PM]
love it! ♥ the best of that episode (; the best on top three Shannon, Allison & Laura!
killerboyz   [Oct 10, 2011 at 02:27 AM]
THE POSE IS RIGHT BUT the face is too commercial
Aufa   [Oct 10, 2011 at 09:42 AM]
^Sorry but Express ad is NOT editorial nor high-fashion, their ads are mostly commercial Rolling Eyes
betsy9   [Oct 10, 2011 at 04:39 PM]
Idk why but I've never liked her, she always has to whinge every single episode, and she's getting really annoying IMO. I think its because she is from Cycle 1 and they don't expect much. Photo wise, this is a really good photo, but I still think she's too safe to win this.
totitto   [Oct 12, 2011 at 12:50 AM]
Fantastic (=
booyouwhore   [Oct 13, 2011 at 11:20 PM]
This is the best so far from her this season and I hate to say that because I loathe her holy ass.
modelmeover   [Nov 23, 2011 at 04:41 PM]
^No need to hate just because you're afraid of religion. But I don't really get why everyone thinks she looks so young. She looks old
jano150   [Dec 04, 2011 at 05:50 PM]
the only thing it doesn't work here is her face and that is not good for a model, she looks old
BryanJanDavis   [May 18, 2012 at 01:49 PM]
This is probably the best shot. Her smile is usually really scary but she managed to pull back here.
puppetmasters21   [Apr 05, 2014 at 10:53 PM]
This is the epitome of "Wow it's so pretty and in the moment!" (zoom in) "Oh wait, she looks completely deranged." Though this cycle is completely forgivable because it was such a train wreck in every sense of the word.
JUSTINGYM8   [May 28, 2014 at 03:25 PM]
She really is a strong model. Love her!

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