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Michelle Babin
Photo: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don

Michelle Babin

Photo: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don

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TinkerBellLoveU   [Jan 16, 2009 at 07:52 AM]
IM IN LOVE WITH THIS PIC Razz Razz Laughing Laughing
snifflez101   [Jan 29, 2009 at 07:14 AM]
very haunting. love this photo
lolfierce   [Feb 03, 2009 at 01:14 PM]
LukeMonster   [Feb 03, 2009 at 05:26 PM]
best of the whole cycle.
divalicious4   [Feb 22, 2009 at 12:45 PM]
  [May 03, 2009 at 05:28 PM]
Ooh Shocked . This shot makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Best hands down.
Emma95   [Jun 22, 2009 at 01:29 PM]
This is amazing in so many ways - there's the obvious emotion that she is emitting and delivering on a scary theme, but she's also modeling. The pose and angles of her arms and legs look awesome, and naturally so. If there was no food and she was on a chair instead of a toilet and this ws a regular photo it would still rock
sugar_n_spice   [Jul 18, 2009 at 08:17 PM]
Quite possibly the greatest, most profound photo in ANTM history. I can never look at it too long, because vomit makes me want to… you know. But this photo is so incredibly haunting, and the message Michelle put forth was definitely the most powerful of them all. Few, I think, could have done this assignment, and I am positive that none could have done it to Michelle’s caliber!
iLoveKatarzyna   [Aug 27, 2009 at 09:23 AM]
third best! (i prefer aj's and amanda's, but this is still AMAZING!!!!!!!)
j5s2s095   [Sep 02, 2009 at 04:04 PM]
So powerful.
Ethereal Chick   [Sep 09, 2009 at 05:53 PM]
A great picture. It conveys the theme perfectly.
anya-allison   [Oct 01, 2009 at 09:27 AM]
this is amazing i love this shot. my callout for best FCO of the first week is 1. Michelle 2.Jaslene 3. Marjorie 4. Anya 5. Heather 6. Allison 7. Tiffany 8. Rae 9. Nnenna 10. Yaya 11. Nik 12. Camille 13. Ebony
NRS1   [Oct 23, 2009 at 08:25 AM]
Scary but amazingly modelesque! My guess is that you're taking the girls and finding a girl like them, or you're taking a best first photo of the first week and putting them in order. In that case, I'd switch Tiffany and Nik or Tiffany and Yaya. Smile
areswar8   [Dec 15, 2009 at 10:22 PM]
michelle is like, heather of c9 and lauren... they have amazing photos but bad walker
kadeftw   [Dec 25, 2009 at 07:30 PM]
SOO underrated! My fave pic of the cycle.
cookiemonster14249   [Jun 03, 2010 at 03:24 PM]
chris_19   [Jun 26, 2010 at 04:37 AM]
in spain they made a t-shirt with that photo in a important outlet here Very Happy
Piacere   [Jul 24, 2010 at 03:16 PM]
^^ Underrated? Yeah right, everyone basically orgasms when they see this picture. Overrated would be more like it. Great picture, but there are others that look more modelly to me.
  [Sep 26, 2010 at 04:51 PM]
This is such an amazing photo, it is so perfect. What a great start for her and Amanda.
Majestic   [Aug 22, 2011 at 12:23 PM]
The guy RUINS it.

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