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Kahlen Rondot
Photo: Tracy Bayne

Kahlen Rondot

Photo: Tracy Bayne

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fiercedoctor96   [Jun 10, 2009 at 07:55 AM]
one of the best photos of kahlen! it is like perfection at its best Exclamation
nosh   [Jun 15, 2009 at 12:54 PM]
Perfect. Fierce and sexy, and the pose is great. 3rd best, after Michelle and Brittany.
sugar_n_spice   [Jul 18, 2009 at 06:46 PM]
Considering that Kahlen (imo) had the least to work with (how the hell do you "do" a ram?), her picture was damn good. I have Brittany, Kahlen, & Keenyah as my top 3 for this shoot.
iLoveKatarzyna   [Aug 25, 2009 at 10:47 AM]
3rd best!
puppetmasters21   [Sep 13, 2009 at 02:01 AM]
it's good considering, but no where near the top rated page. Kahlen's overratedness kills me.
longtimefan   [Sep 13, 2009 at 02:26 AM]
All hail the fierceness that is Kahlen!
NRS1   [Sep 15, 2009 at 03:42 PM]
2nd best of the week IMO behind Michelle and Brittany in a close 3rd! Smile
  [Sep 26, 2009 at 04:50 PM]
She makes me and my fellow Aries proud. Smile I love you Kahlen!!!
anya-allison   [Oct 05, 2009 at 07:00 AM]
^^i agree 3rd best
laura.elizabeth   [Oct 08, 2009 at 04:30 PM]
Gorgeous pic! I love Kahlen, 2nd best pic in my opinion!
Just_Dance   [Oct 27, 2009 at 10:11 AM]
Hmm... Funny how now you can be at 3.4 and be on the top rated page, when a few months ago you had to be 3.6
aero847   [Nov 22, 2009 at 02:21 PM]
One of the first things I look at in a picture is her hands, and Kahlen has really mastered her hands.
scurobianco   [Nov 27, 2009 at 10:17 AM]
she reminds me of Shandy from cycle 2, but came a bit further
  [Dec 26, 2009 at 06:13 PM]
Her face, feet and hands look beautiful, but her body looks like she's having trouble balancing a bit...then again, who wouldn't (: Stunning shot.
mckey123   [Feb 15, 2010 at 09:31 PM]
I love this photo of Kahlen. Very Happy
TheFameee   [Apr 12, 2010 at 03:54 AM]
Her close up is amazing
monicaflores   [May 27, 2010 at 01:37 AM]
im an aries and this picture makes me proud, i love it!
Quiet_123   [Aug 12, 2010 at 02:39 AM]
Aerial   [Aug 03, 2011 at 08:34 PM]
Wow, this is pure fire, I never could imagine her portraiting Aries so well. One of the best.
antmgenuine   [Apr 28, 2012 at 04:04 PM]
Overrated, Even though I LOOOOOVE the pose, The face.. Meh..

Comment 32 to 51 of 51
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