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Natasha Galkina
Photo: Tyra Banks

Natasha Galkina

Photo: Tyra Banks

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Eat-Your-HeartOut-Tyra   [Apr 11, 2009 at 04:42 PM]
I love this photo because it's taking a risk of sorts. It's still very women's magazine but there is still sex appeal and power in it, only this, Renee and possibly Dionne's shots show any other dimension than "lovers walking romantically on a beach"
  [May 03, 2009 at 08:01 PM]
HOOCH Laughing
Ulysses007   [Jun 12, 2009 at 03:40 AM]
phewwit!!! she look very HOT!!! Razz
sugar_n_spice   [Jul 18, 2009 at 10:28 PM]
At first glance, it’s very sexy… but then it becomes sexual instead. And then… well, I don’t want this post to be indecent, but it has to be said: it looks like the male model is about to enter her from behind, and she is anticipating pain. Does anybody else see this?
  [Aug 01, 2009 at 10:02 PM]
it looks like a calvin klein ad. i love it
iLoveKatarzyna   [Aug 27, 2009 at 03:18 PM]
XXX for a woman's magazine. but the face is soft and pretty.
Ethereal Chick   [Sep 03, 2009 at 03:52 PM]
Very sexy yet very soft too. Love it! <3 Looks like a Calvin Klein Obsession perfume ad.
kadeftw   [Sep 21, 2009 at 08:15 AM]
I dont think its too sexy. Its good. The body's great, but the face looks like she was tackled. She should have smiled and looked into his eyes or somethin' Rolling Eyes
cheezcake555   [Sep 26, 2009 at 09:58 PM]
I think this is her best picture
bananabun   [Oct 20, 2009 at 08:42 PM]
This looks very Abercrombie & Fitch. I like it.
gain007004   [Oct 21, 2009 at 08:59 AM]
The women's magazine,Natasha was the 2nd best after Renee.The men's magazine,she was defenitely the best!!
christineladuc   [Jan 03, 2010 at 03:11 PM]
He: yeah baby, yeah oh nicee, aww. Nata: Ouch!, that hurts.. wrong hole.!
rona_102005   [Apr 05, 2010 at 10:06 AM]
sexy shot. i like this one! Very Happy
nfran227   [Sep 06, 2010 at 01:28 PM]
this is too sexy for a woman's magazine shot
Who_Will_Be_ANTM   [Dec 12, 2010 at 10:48 PM]
If you lookclosely at it, it's the man whoy makes this look pornesque because of his hand and the way he's looking at her. If we take him out of the picture would be better
sugar_n_spice   [May 30, 2011 at 06:25 PM]
Who_Will_Be_ANTM: Good point. It is more due to the guy's position than hers that this can appear overtly sexual.
Cicilove4   [Jul 29, 2011 at 07:51 PM]
Owow, So sexyyy!!!
12shadesofpurple   [Nov 20, 2011 at 07:38 PM]
I really like her face here, but it doesn't work for a women's magazine imo. Seriously though, I think this may be the best her face has looked.
  [Jan 14, 2012 at 01:01 AM]
Stunning. It is impossible to fault how beautiful this is.
puppielove   [May 25, 2018 at 10:18 AM]
I love it. It looks like a Calvin Klein ad

Comment 35 to 54 of 54
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