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Nicole Fox12506 viewsPhoto: Russell James151 comments11/07/09 at 14:59elenixtsss: this is so special for underwater pose !!!go girl!...
CariDee English19979 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks136 comments10/27/09 at 04:50elenixtsss: shes scaring me so i think its working!!!!!!!
Sara Albert6149 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester33 comments10/27/09 at 04:45elenixtsss: i dont find anything interesting in this pic
Whitney Cunningham5573 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal53 comments10/17/09 at 16:22elenixtsss: is the only one from the photoshoot that i dont li...
Brittany Hatch20410 viewsPhoto: Joseph Cultice158 comments10/17/09 at 15:51elenixtsss: one of the best shots ever!
Laura Kirkpatrick9547 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi124 comments10/17/09 at 15:07elenixtsss: amazing !!!
Courtney Davies5536 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi123 comments10/17/09 at 15:00elenixtsss: aren't they blind?
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