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Cycle Sixteen Group3812 viewsMikaela Schipani, Sara Longoria

Photo: Pamela Hanson
28 comments06/29/16 at 20:38Jerrrrmaaayyy: IMO, Sara should've went here... and Mikaela....
Whitney Thompson14543 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana162 comments06/26/16 at 16:55Jerrrrmaaayyy: She looks ridiculous!
Felicia Provost7684 viewsPhoto: Carlos Rios51 comments06/26/16 at 16:51Jerrrrmaaayyy: She was actually quite good.
Laura LaFrate3461 viewsPhoto: Paul Tsang15 comments06/19/16 at 17:02Jerrrrmaaayyy: I didn't like her, thought she was a total ho...
Adrianne Curry20306 viewsPhoto: Patrick Katzman62 comments06/14/16 at 01:23Jerrrrmaaayyy: This is soooo sexy and a little sleazy too. At tim...
Giselle Samson9218 viewsPhoto: Daniel Garriga61 comments06/14/16 at 01:21Jerrrrmaaayyy: One of the best of the cycle... But i don't g...
Laura James4743 viewsPhoto: Jez Smith16 comments05/24/16 at 19:41Jerrrrmaaayyy: More Like "Nightmare Come True"
Alasia Ballard7903 viewsPhoto: Sarah Silver134 comments05/22/16 at 21:52Jerrrrmaaayyy: Love The Twilight-vibe it's giving.
Danielle Evans11690 viewsPhoto: Jaturong Kirankarn52 comments05/11/16 at 17:30Jerrrrmaaayyy: I personally believe that Joanie was best of the w...
Jade Cole5860 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf31 comments05/09/16 at 16:32Jerrrrmaaayyy: Uggh!!!
Furonda Brasfield5174 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester48 comments05/08/16 at 13:58Jerrrrmaaayyy: E.T. 2.0
Xiomara Frans6135 viewsPhoto: George Holz42 comments05/08/16 at 13:10Jerrrrmaaayyy: Oh My God!!! Horrible!!!!!!!
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