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Shei Phan1786 viewsPhoto: An Le3 comments02/27/14 at 13:26hektor: It's about time for an Asian winner but seein...
Yvonne Powless2654 viewsPhoto: Jez Smith13 comments08/30/12 at 17:30hektor: this makes me think of the Starship video by Nicki...
Kayla Ferrel2883 views19 comments10/31/11 at 03:39hektor: did anyone else notice that the both times she was...
Gina Choe5292 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf36 comments06/02/11 at 13:54hektor: jackie chan!!!!!!!!!
Anchal Joseph6401 viewsPhoto: Patrik Giardino59 comments05/26/11 at 14:19hektor: she shoulda been brought back to compete in all st...
Bre Scullark6465 viewsPhoto: Kate Martin53 comments05/26/11 at 14:06hektor: i cant believe they're bringing her back! she...
Cycle Fifteen Group5428 viewsChelsey Hersley, Ann Ward

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier
50 comments05/26/11 at 13:29hektor: its weird that they were the top two
Kimberly Rydzewski659 viewsPhoto: Rick Karlen2 comments05/18/11 at 14:03hektor: legally blonde
Kayla Ferrel6800 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker49 comments05/18/11 at 13:46hektor: well she's competing in the all stars competi...
Angelea Preston6546 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams130 comments05/18/11 at 13:45hektor: i dont want her to come back for all stars....why ...
Laura Kirkpatrick8753 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker195 comments05/18/11 at 13:44hektor: well she's competing in the all stars competi...
Isis King9893 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker67 comments05/18/11 at 13:42hektor: why bring her back? do they want her to win?
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