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Toccara Jones5424 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith29 comments12/09/13 at 21:23Canadagirl1234: LOL I can't with this one it is sad th...
Magdalena Rivas5294 viewsPhoto: Nick Cardillicchio34 comments12/09/13 at 20:52Canadagirl1234: This photo is so weird its kind of sad becaus...
Magdalena Rivas1077 viewsPhoto: Frederick Nielsen17 comments12/09/13 at 20:49Canadagirl1234: It's bad, but 1.4? really
Cycle Three Group6576 viewsAmanda Swafford, Ann Markley, Cassie Grisham, Eva Pigford, Jennipher Frost, Julie Titus, Kelle Jacob, Kristi Grommet, Leah Darrow, Magdalena Rivas, Nicole Borud, Norelle Van Herk, Toccara Jones, Yaya DaCosta Johnson30 comments12/01/13 at 14:59Canadagirl1234: LOL at eva
Yaya DaCosta Johnson8491 viewsPhoto: Troy Ward35 comments12/01/13 at 14:51Canadagirl1234: She's so beautiful <3
Toccara Jones3064 views100 comments12/01/13 at 14:36Canadagirl1234: "I'm hittin' 200 in the butt, what&...
Amanda Swafford1693 viewsPhoto: Mark Guerra15 comments11/28/13 at 14:26Canadagirl1234: I kind of want to go legally blind after seeing th...
Toccara Jones2288 viewsFor: Ashley Stewart16 comments11/27/13 at 12:50Canadagirl1234: Omg I see Tanisha too don't do Toccara...
Julie Titus936 viewsPhoto: Keith Bloom
For: Ray Billion Look Book
4 comments11/23/13 at 22:10Canadagirl1234: I'M CRYING!!!
Cassie Grisham852 viewsPhoto: Anna Routh8 comments11/23/13 at 22:09Canadagirl1234: Never thought Cassie would be the girl who doesn&#...
Cassie Grisham6051 viewsPhoto: Sascha Pflaeging56 comments11/23/13 at 22:06Canadagirl1234: Yikes that's scary she HAD to have h...
Ann Markley947 viewsPhoto: Chris Fanning
For: Shape Magazine, February 2010
8 comments11/10/13 at 05:17nexttopwaddle: she is so athletic, yet feminine. she nailed these...
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