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Toccara Jones5363 viewsPhoto: Steven Meisel
For: Vogue Italia, July 2008
16 comments04/20/14 at 19:42shyho: Fierce Girl mmmhmm getting vogue
Toccara Jones3004 views100 comments04/14/14 at 11:11odie2002126: Bump (for the ones who haven't seen this)
Eva Pigford778 viewsFor: Essence Magazine22 comments01/15/14 at 20:03Canadagirl1234:
Eva Pigford1584 viewsPhoto: Michael Quain10 comments01/01/14 at 23:59Canadagirl1234: Looks cute, speaking of her being an actress, did ...
Kelle Jacob5159 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith46 comments12/28/13 at 13:29Canadagirl1234: Umm, what's so bad about this? I'll wait...
Toccara Jones1797 viewsPhoto: Howard Huang
For: Smooth
4 comments12/28/13 at 07:51Chubaek: youre so hot
Leah Darrow4950 viewsPhoto: Nick Cardillicchio40 comments12/22/13 at 20:23Canadagirl1234: I disliked her a lot, but this shot isn't bad...
Jennipher Frost4638 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith32 comments12/22/13 at 16:23Canadagirl1234: Well, it's not surprising that those photos w...
Eva Pigford707 viewsPhoto: Robert Ector
For: Vibe Vixen, June 2011
5 comments12/22/13 at 16:22Canadagirl1234: I was never a fan of Eva's look, but this is ...
Ann Markley577 views2 comments12/22/13 at 11:49Canadagirl1234: Its a nice try, but I cannot get past the neck.
Cassie Grisham476 viewsPhoto: Catie Ronquillo7 comments12/18/13 at 21:34Canadagirl1234: I think it's really what she's wearing t...
Kelle Jacob5292 viewsPhoto: Sascha Pflaeging49 comments12/15/13 at 23:00Canadagirl1234: They treated this girl like dog poop on their shoe...
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