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Bianca Golden1735 views5 comments09/06/14 at 03:13aspergersgirlKaty: Pretty
Bianca Golden5678 viewsPhoto: Jim Wade52 comments12/28/13 at 17:07Canadagirl1234: I honestly could not stand Bianca in this season e...
Bianca Golden1080 viewsPhoto: Khalaf Jerry7 comments12/13/13 at 22:04Canadagirl1234: LOL
Bianca Golden6085 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy35 comments12/06/13 at 18:47Canadagirl1234: I'm sorry but this might just be the funniest...
Bianca Golden148 viewsPhoto: Ryle Watson Photography1 comments10/16/13 at 20:38puppetmasters21: LOLLLLLL
Bianca Golden1400 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks3 comments05/17/13 at 11:56aspergersgirlKaty: love it
Bianca Golden5283 views39 comments10/26/12 at 23:33Selumt0: That Ovo chick reminds me of Nnena/Stacey-Ann
Bianca Golden6184 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith55 comments09/07/12 at 11:19ANTMguy: looks like an angry duck
Bianca Golden5471 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal41 comments09/07/12 at 11:19ANTMguy: [on crack] "hey gurl wussup"
Bianca Golden879 viewsPhoto: Campala Photography3 comments07/12/12 at 18:02ammmsfy: no no no
Bianca Golden712 views5 comments06/14/12 at 09:59BryanJanDavis: Neck comments generally flop as a whole unless its...
Bianca Golden712 views5 comments06/13/12 at 13:011#AllisonHarvardFan: ^Amen to that. I get so freakin sick of people fre...
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