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Jessica Serfaty9144 viewsPhoto: D-nice114 comments11/29/13 at 20:35Canadagirl1234: It's a great shot but ironically I prefer Tat...
Jessica Serfaty7138 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz107 comments11/29/13 at 20:33Canadagirl1234: "The reason why you here called so late is be...
Gabrielle Kniery1008 viewsPhoto: Wesley Law
For: Alive Magazine, November 2010
15 comments11/29/13 at 20:29Canadagirl1234: Gabrielle looks terrible here she looks bo...
Alexandra Underwood5975 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz94 comments11/29/13 at 20:26Canadagirl1234: Styling looks great on her, there's no denyin...
Alasia Ballard5767 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz118 comments11/28/13 at 20:05Canadagirl1234: I feel like the hate for this photo has more to do...
Alasia Ballard6375 views112 comments11/28/13 at 20:04Canadagirl1234: In my opinion this is better then Krista's :...
Anslee Payne-Franklin2049 viewsPhoto: Freeze Frame Studio20 comments11/28/13 at 14:36dpbenson: @Canadagirl1234: Yes, this is preshow.
Anslee Payne-Franklin2049 viewsPhoto: Freeze Frame Studio20 comments11/27/13 at 17:29Canadagirl1234: Is this preshow?
Angelea Preston492 viewsPhoto: Paul Tirado12 comments11/26/13 at 22:33Canadagirl1234: LOL what the hell?
Angelea Preston837 viewsPhoto: Ishmil Waterman7 comments11/23/13 at 00:42antmgenuine:
Angelea Preston6846 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks156 comments11/17/13 at 15:17Cézseldher: I never looked at this photo that close before. Wa...
Alexandra Underwood8439 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks150 comments11/17/13 at 15:11Cézseldher: THIS one should have been the first, not Kristah&#...
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