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Alasia Ballard180 viewsPhoto: clm Studios1 comments12/27/13 at 13:04Canadagirl1234: We get it, you vape.
Brenda Arens1221 views12 comments12/26/13 at 17:04Canadagirl1234: Me when someone I don't like is giving me the...
Raina Hein847 viewsPhoto: Sade Williams4 comments12/24/13 at 17:49Canadagirl1234: I love this, actually
Angelea Preston368 viewsPhoto: Paul Tirado3 comments12/23/13 at 23:25Canadagirl1234: Cher? Don't do Angelea like that!
Angelea Preston1019 viewsPhoto: Jalani Morgan11 comments12/23/13 at 23:23Canadagirl1234: It's actually kind of sad how all of you are ...
Tatianna Kern2776 viewsPhoto: Takeo Kobayashi
For: Midweek, February 24, 2010
20 comments12/23/13 at 23:08Canadagirl1234: ^ What's funny is she's one of those gir...
Jessica Serfaty575 viewsPhoto: Jason Peters5 comments12/22/13 at 17:48Canadagirl1234: Jessica please burn that dress along with your woo...
Naduah Rugely6289 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards120 comments12/21/13 at 22:03Canadagirl1234: Its clear that she had potential, she never let an...
Angelea Preston7176 views219 comments12/21/13 at 15:49Canadagirl1234: Thank god everyone hated this as much as I did, I ...
Jessica Serfaty7307 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker104 comments12/20/13 at 18:14Canadagirl1234: It's almost there.... but it looks too forced...
Raina Hein2663 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks14 comments12/16/13 at 22:19Canadagirl1234: Lol at all the people taking these seriously :lol...
Krista White1801 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks7 comments12/16/13 at 22:13Canadagirl1234: Her mom is working it!
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