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Nijah Harris504 viewsPhoto: Christine Cisczcon8 comments12/09/09 at 03:47FashionFatale: This looks like one of those "Friends Forever...
Nijah Harris481 viewsPhoto: Christine Cisczcon2 comments12/09/09 at 01:46ASKD: ok...
Nijah Harris1671 views8 comments11/02/09 at 14:38Who_Will_Be_ANTM: ^and that she's so forgettable
Nijah Harris1671 views8 comments11/02/09 at 14:37Kit: Nijah is easily one of the most beautiful girls to...
Nijah Harris5499 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker44 comments10/27/09 at 17:21EmoRainbowsx3: NIJAH IS SO STIFF!!!!
Nijah Harris2006 views9 comments10/24/09 at 23:30mannaga: she is just a tall girl.. she is not a model..
Nijah Harris3550 views19 comments10/18/09 at 11:56j5s2s095: I feel like this could be so close to a slam dunk,...
Nijah Harris6519 views75 comments10/16/09 at 13:27j5s2s095: This is a poor pre show, she is so pretty though
Nijah Harris4524 views41 comments10/09/09 at 17:52antmchocholate: LOOK MAMA I GRADUATED!
Nijah Harris2062 views10 comments09/16/09 at 16:58antmheart<3: i actually like this! she took a chance and it wor...
Nijah Harris5494 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha59 comments09/11/09 at 22:39dastermole: Best of the week. It's very Seventeen.
Nijah Harris5499 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker44 comments09/05/09 at 22:58McKat: i like this shot
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