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Lauren Brie Harding525 viewsPhoto: Ejaz Khan3 comments12/30/13 at 11:13Canadagirl1234: So breathtaking and relaxing
Isis King9886 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker67 comments12/27/13 at 13:57Canadagirl1234: Yeah, I agree with Bryan
Nikeysha Clarke7278 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz98 comments12/25/13 at 19:41Canadagirl1234: Maybe she was kind of unprofessional, but she'...
Isis King1834 viewsPhoto: Shon D. Photography19 comments12/24/13 at 13:09Canadagirl1234: Isis looks pretty fantastic here, but I think that...
ShaRaun Brown686 viewsPhoto: Mireya Acierto
For: True Star Magazine
9 comments12/24/13 at 00:14Canadagirl1234: Hate her smile, but this is pretty adorable
Joslyn Pennywell2360 viewsPhoto: Anthony Frausto29 comments12/19/13 at 19:56Canadagirl1234: Sheesh give her a chance guys, this photo is stunn...
Joslyn Pennywell2115 viewsPhoto: Anthony Frausto30 comments12/19/13 at 19:55Canadagirl1234: Wow, I'm blown away by this actually. Sure, h...
Lauren Brie Harding578 viewsPhoto: Pino Gomes1 comments12/19/13 at 19:54Canadagirl1234: GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Lauren Brie Harding2705 viewsPhoto: William Lords24 comments12/18/13 at 22:04Canadagirl1234: GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Lauren Brie Harding1639 viewsPhoto: BJ Pascual
For: Meg Magazine, November 2009
17 comments12/18/13 at 22:03Canadagirl1234: Amazing!!! she is the best <3
Lauren Brie Harding835 viewsPhoto: Olivia Hemus8 comments12/15/13 at 20:27Canadagirl1234: This is really artistic, I can see it as one of th...
McKey Sullivan19556 viewsPhoto: Andy Tan178 comments12/15/13 at 14:33Canadagirl1234: Wasn't crazy about McKey, but she definitely ...
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