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Toccara Jones5424 viewsPhoto: Steven Meisel
For: Vogue Italia, July 2008
16 comments04/20/14 at 20:42shyho: Fierce Girl mmmhmm getting vogue
Toccara Jones3064 views100 comments04/14/14 at 12:11odie2002126: Bump (for the ones who haven't seen this)
Toccara Jones1824 viewsPhoto: Howard Huang
For: Smooth
4 comments12/28/13 at 08:51Chubaek: youre so hot
Toccara Jones5423 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith29 comments12/09/13 at 21:23Canadagirl1234: LOL I can't with this one it is sad th...
Toccara Jones3064 views100 comments12/01/13 at 14:36Canadagirl1234: "I'm hittin' 200 in the butt, what&...
Toccara Jones2288 viewsFor: Ashley Stewart16 comments11/27/13 at 12:50Canadagirl1234: Omg I see Tanisha too don't do Toccara...
Toccara Jones6571 viewsPhoto: Troy Ward35 comments09/24/13 at 03:34MystiqueTopModel: Cut those damn nails, gurl! It would have then bee...
Toccara Jones271 viewsFor: Rolling Out Magazine
Photo: Kawai Matthews
1 comments10/21/12 at 04:28Selumt0: Shit, she's lost so much weight!
Toccara Jones720 viewsFor: Evans3 comments07/29/12 at 08:51BryanJanDavis: ...CHRISTINA LIQUOR!
Toccara Jones5912 viewsPhoto: Steven Meisel
For: Vogue Italia, July 2008
23 comments07/18/12 at 03:34mazhar: Go Tocarra
Toccara Jones2843 views13 comments07/12/12 at 18:09ammmsfy: Am I the only one that remembered Velma from Chica...
Toccara Jones311 viewsFor: Qristyl Frazier Designs, The First Impression Collection1 comments07/01/12 at 13:09ineedamodelchick: WHOA...she lost so much weight! where are her Tigg...
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