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Sarah Hartshorne51 viewsPhoto: Blake Robinson1 comments11/26/16 at 18:55mrgagakhan: GOOOOORGEOUS <3
Heather Kuzmich14021 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy69 comments10/31/16 at 23:03Rkoandmelinafan: stunning photo by heather she really nailed it
Lisa Jackson5289 viewsPhoto: Fredric Reshew38 comments04/07/16 at 18:27Jerrrrmaaayyy: Kinda too obvious.
Lisa Jackson10318 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal70 comments04/07/16 at 18:26Jerrrrmaaayyy: Striking! But not exactly Gargoyle...
Lisa Jackson4726 views24 comments04/07/16 at 18:24Jerrrrmaaayyy: The only thing that comes through my mind while se...
Lisa Jackson5965 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith33 comments04/07/16 at 18:22Jerrrrmaaayyy: Work!!!
Chantal Jones13769 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy117 comments03/21/16 at 15:39Jerrrrmaaayyy: She looks like a way nasty version of Britney Spea...
Jenah Doucette24192 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy132 comments03/20/16 at 22:36Jerrrrmaaayyy: Sarah and Ebony did better IMO
Jenah Doucette24676 viewsPhoto: Fredric Reshew248 comments03/20/16 at 22:35Jerrrrmaaayyy: 2Nd best of the week after Heather
Jenah Doucette27648 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith184 comments03/20/16 at 22:21Jerrrrmaaayyy: One of the most overrated shots in ANTM history. D...
Jenah Doucette7562 views411 comments03/12/16 at 02:42shyho: She Saw Devin enough said
Heather Kuzmich13757 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker101 comments01/29/16 at 20:45quartzquasar: After all these years, I still think she was robbe...
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