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Lisa D'Amato225 viewsPhoto: Stephen Stickler1 comments06/29/14 at 12:42shyho: Dat male model body mmmhmm he is selling the under...
Lisa D'Amato345 viewsFor: Import Tuner, April 20051 comments01/07/14 at 13:18Matteo: omg, this is so awful!!! ahaha
Lisa D'Amato1457 viewsPhoto: Dusan Reljin
For: Beauty in Vogue, May 2012
15 comments11/30/13 at 21:16Canadagirl1234: This is Vogue? Sheesh ANTM must have done a number...
Lisa D'Amato7938 viewsPhoto: Nick Maroudias103 comments11/23/13 at 20:39Canadagirl1234: Its sad, typically the abroad shoots are pretty go...
Lisa D'Amato376 views6 comments02/17/13 at 13:47DaAceOfSpades: Trust me, it's after she shaved.
Lisa D'Amato503 views4 comments02/10/13 at 18:52DaAceOfSpades: And you.
Lisa D'Amato11516 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo70 comments01/27/13 at 12:08BryanJanDavis: When I say "overall fugliness", for the ...
Lisa D'Amato11516 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo70 comments01/26/13 at 09:30DaAceOfSpades: Overall fugliness? You might not be a cutie.
Lisa D'Amato7938 viewsPhoto: Nick Maroudias103 comments01/17/13 at 11:39BryanJanDavis: ^She really isn't. For someone who shouldn�...
Lisa D'Amato7014 views77 comments01/17/13 at 11:34BryanJanDavis: ^I'd use this shot. It feels like she's ...
Lisa D'Amato7180 viewsPhoto: Richard Dean44 comments01/17/13 at 11:32BryanJanDavis: I think she was eliminated more for having no rest...
Lisa D'Amato6478 viewsPhoto: Jason Willheim38 comments01/17/13 at 11:28BryanJanDavis: lol this week was so funny. LISA! YOU DID THE BEST...
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