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Chantal Jones1576 viewsFor: KMS California5 comments05/26/09 at 18:04derekholla: Her profile is gorgeous. In general, her face is ...
Chantal Jones2355 viewsFor: Farmers3 comments05/03/09 at 01:21topmodel6: prrretty
Chantal Jones3269 viewsFor: Farmers9 comments04/27/09 at 08:19K-A-T-Y: Cute like a doll. Love it.
Chantal Jones2061 viewsFor: KMS California11 comments04/16/09 at 16:51tflats: Those bangs are flattering in an edgy sort of way.
Chantal Jones2008 viewsFor: KMS California10 comments04/14/09 at 19:14Soren: She lost her neck. But I love the face.
Chantal Jones3016 viewsFor: Ag+28 comments04/09/09 at 23:23NintendoJoe: On the can it says deodorant spray, and the elepha...
Chantal Jones2079 viewsFor: KMS California23 comments04/08/09 at 06:34LisaTheDiva: Yuk. She reminds me of Katie (that blonde kid pros...
Chantal Jones1525 viewsFor: KMS California2 comments03/17/09 at 01:01paula: veeeeery hot!!
Chantal Jones1366 viewsFor: KMS California3 comments03/17/09 at 01:00paula: yeah your right!! i think chantal cou...
Chantal Jones2008 viewsFor: KMS California10 comments03/17/09 at 00:59paula: hot hot hot!!but in this photo i see her like a pu...
Chantal Jones3016 viewsFor: Ag+28 comments03/16/09 at 16:08LaLoLu: I love it !
Chantal Jones2061 viewsFor: KMS California11 comments03/10/09 at 12:00Raphaellaordella: I see a bit of Adrienne in the face here
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