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Shandi Sullivan21579 viewsPhoto: Massimo Costoli175 comments03/20/16 at 23:56Jerrrrmaaayyy: Looove it!!! I could see this In Italian Vogue
Shandi Sullivan4819 views15 comments03/11/16 at 00:47ANTMguy: She looks more like someone's cousin than a m...
Shandi Sullivan5017 views17 comments12/18/13 at 19:34Canadagirl1234: Obviously it's bad but I think it's poin...
Shandi Sullivan9613 viewsPhoto: Ché Graham34 comments09/02/12 at 04:06ANTMguy: not really a bottom 2 shot
Shandi Sullivan5017 views17 comments09/02/12 at 04:05ANTMguy: uhhhh.....what am I doing? I lost my cue....
Shandi Sullivan15930 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker54 comments05/19/12 at 09:45aardbeiensoepje: overrated, there were much better ones.
Shandi Sullivan5017 views17 comments02/10/12 at 23:4612shadesofpurple: I think it's adorable, to be honest.
Shandi Sullivan9738 viewsPhoto: Bill Heuberger30 comments01/22/12 at 18:31MixedAddict: For some reason, I see this in an athletic adverti...
Shandi Sullivan4819 views15 comments01/22/12 at 18:26MixedAddict: Maybe the Babin twins are actually TRIPLETS :shock...
Shandi Sullivan21579 viewsPhoto: Massimo Costoli175 comments11/12/11 at 13:54avril_ice: after so many years this is still the best in antm...
Shandi Sullivan14772 viewsPhoto: Richard Dean59 comments09/19/11 at 16:00Majestic: I like this, but I like April's better.
Shandi Sullivan13726 viewsPhoto: Massimo Costoli76 comments08/16/11 at 17:54lovemyknight: I think her jaw isn't really nice, but anyway...
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