Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Sara Longoria132 viewsPhoto: Frank Louis
For: Coiffure Magazine, March 2014
1 comments07/29/18 at 21:35mrgagakhan: SO STUNNING <3
Kendal Brown4799 viewsPhoto: Matthew Rolston40 comments05/25/18 at 12:43puppielove: Her face is extraordinary. One of the most beautif...
Natasha Galkina12891 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks54 comments05/25/18 at 10:18puppielove: I love it. It looks like a Calvin Klein ad
Renee Alway11867 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker152 comments05/25/18 at 10:17puppielove: Pretty but she looks old
Samantha Potter13881 views120 comments05/25/18 at 10:14puppielove: I really dislike it. It looks like she’s trying to...
Raina Hein7705 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams90 comments05/24/18 at 22:10puppielove: This to me is the most believable because it looks...
Krista White8145 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments05/24/18 at 22:09puppielove: It’s overrated. It’s like a stereotype of high fas...
Krista White8783 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker138 comments05/24/18 at 22:08puppielove: She looks so old in this
McKey Sullivan17884 views216 comments05/24/18 at 22:07puppielove: I don’t see what she’s selling. To me it doesn’t f...
Yoanna House244 viewsPhoto: Dave Barfield
For: The Duval Hotel
1 comments03/07/18 at 23:03blossom42: Wow.
Kyla Coleman, Sandra Shehab 547 viewsPhoto: Tatiana Gerusova1 comments02/17/18 at 13:56shyho: Sandra mopped the floor with everyone even slaying...
Shanice Carroll 449 viewsPhoto: Ekaterina Belinskaya1 comments02/08/18 at 17:09sionmaisley: Photo bores the heck out of me, the expression hel...
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