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Interests i want to be america's next top model.. but i am going to wait until i graduate from highschool in 4 years (:
Favourite contestants from cycle one: shannon, adrianne, and elyse
from cycle two: april, mercedes, and yoanna
from cycle three: eva, yaya, amanda, nicole, norelle
from cycle four: brittany, kaylen, naima
from cycle five: nicole
from cycle six: joanie, danielle
from cycle seven: michelle and amanda, caridee, melrose
from cycle eight: jaslene, renee, brittany, whitney, natasha
from cycle nine: jenah, chantal, victoria
from cycle ten: anya, katrazyna, whitney, fatima
from cycle eleven: sam, analeigh, mckey
from cycle thirteen: nicole, laura, jennipher, erin, sundai, brittany, rae
from cycle fourteen: raina
from cycle fifteen: chelsey
from cycle sixteen: alexandria
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04/09/11 at 14:28i love alexandria. brittany is a bitch and should have gone home!