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Favourite contestants Wendy c6 (my homie from high school), CHA CHA DIVA c8 (that bitch is WORKING!), Elyse c1, Mercedes and Shandi c2, Brittany c4, Coryn Lisa Kim Bre c5, Joanie Danielle Jade c6, The Twins Caridee Megg AJ c7, Natasha Felicia Whitney c8, Chantal Heather c9, Marvita Dominique Whitney Claire Stacey-Ann Anya c10
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09/26/09 at 04:25it just kills me when i read all the negative (not constructive, just hateful) comments regarding Wendy.How can she be "full of fail" here, when its actually the LIGHTING and the PHOTOGRAPHER who failed this one?Who takes a picture of someone thats practically drowning in light? Give me a freaking break.